How do I invest my UK pension fund in the Indian share market?

  Did you know that BSE figures among the top ten most valuable exchanges in the world? In fact, as of December 2018, the Indian stock market was ranked 7th in the world, falling only slightly in rank after the pandemic and global economic slowdown. If you’ve lived in the UK at some point in time and have since moved back to India, your pension is probably still sitting in the UK when it could be actively benefiting from one of the world’s fastest growing share markets.

Additionally, when you transfer your UK pension to India through our HMRC compliant schemes, not only do you avoid being charged a penalty, but you also avoid a 45% death tax. What this means is that in the case of your unfortunate demise, your next of kin will get the full amount, as opposed to only 55% if you leave your pension in the UK. You are also foregoing numerous opportunities to invest in a growing economy as opposed to the stagnation occurring in the UK and EU.

How do I invest my UK pension fund in the Indian share market?

Mr. J Noble Yuvaraj and his team of financial advisors at Progressive Wealth have been helping people transfer their pensions from the UK to India since 2008 and to the tune of over 2.5 billion INR. Additionally, making your money make more money is what we do best, contact us to expand your pension portfolio to encompass the Indian stock market.

What kind of returns can I expect on my money and is it guaranteed?

While stock market investments are obviously subject to market risk, for the more cautious investors there are numerous opportunities to invest in guaranteed schemes with fixed interest rates of up to 10.5%. Compare this to some EU countries where the banks actually charge you to use their services and it becomes pretty obvious where your money should be.

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