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QROPS Direct is expertise in guiding and assisting Indians with the transfer of their pension from UK.

If you've worked in the UK at some point in time and have since moved back or planning to move back to India, bringing your pension with you should be at the top of your "to-do" list.

Listed below the advantages associated with moving your pension fund to India:
  • No UK Tax liability.
  • Easier to keep track of regulations.
  • No loss due to foreign exchange and currency fluctuations.
  • Retirement by age 55.
  • Full Pension for Spouse and Capital Refund for Children/Nominee.
  • No Inheritance tax/death tax of 55%.
  • Your pension is out of the UK and at no risk of being consumed by the current pension crisis, global economic slowdown, Brexit or Market fluctuations.
  • Opportunities to invest your pension fund in Indian stock exchanges like the BSE which is the oldest exchange in Asia and among the most valued exchanges in the world.
  • For the more cautious investors, fixed interest schemes with guaranteed interest rates of up to 10.5% are leaps and bounds ahead of what banks in the UK and EU are offering

With regards to eligibility, if you have contributed to a Registered Pension Scheme in the UK, you are eligible to transfer your pension fund to India through QROPS without incurring any penalty. This includes Occupational, Final salary, Defined benefit, Defined contribution, Self-invested personal pension, and Small self-administered schemes.
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