February 16, 2021

Did you know that India’s economy is the third-largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP)? While India is well known for its information technology and business process outsourcing industries, a lot of people don’t realize that we rank second in farm output and 12th in factory output in the world. Additionally, we’re the only country with a population and economy that rivals China and we’re already seeing a global shift with FDI being diverted from China to India on a global scale.

If there ever was a time for you to take your pension fund that’s gathering dust in a broken economy that’s only expected to get worse, now is that time. Not only is the transfer through QROPS free of any penalties and charges, but it also comes with investment opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to dream about in the UK. Fixed rate schemes with guaranteed interest rates of up to 10.5% and opportunities to invest in the largest and oldest stock exchanges in Asia and the world.

I already tried to transfer my pension to India but was rejected.

The problem in India is that while a lot of pension schemes claim to be approved, what’s surprising is that there are only a select few that actually meet the requirements of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This causes a number of applications to be rejected on a regular basis. Please contact us in such a case and we will help rectify the issue.

How do I know which schemes are HMRC compliant?

Mr. J Noble Yuvaraj and his team of financial experts are well versed with HMRC compliance and even provide training to a number of private life insurers on the subject. Please contact us to find the best compliant plan for you based on your age, vesting age, and risk profile.

How long will the process take?

While most websites claim it can normally take anywhere from three to six months, the truth is that we can get it done for you in a matter of 30 days! In fact, Mr. J. Noble Yuvaraj has been helping people transfer their pensions to India, quickly and efficiently since 2008, and to the tune of over 2.5 billion INR.

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