How to start the QROPS transfer process in india?

What is QROPS?

A pension scheme which is administered outside the UK and is registered with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs). QROPS facilitates easy and convenient pension fund transfer from the United Kingdom.

Why you need QROPS?

You can opt for QROPS if you have accumulated a pension fund in the UK and wish to transfer the same to India, in a tax efficient retirement product registered as QROPS with HMRC.

What are the benefits of QROPS?

QROPS Benefits are as follows:

  1. Tax Efficient transfer of your pension pot accumulated in the UK to India.
  2. Provides steady income for you post retirement in India.
  3. Allows your funds with a growth opportunity in India.

How to start QROPS transfer Process?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Register yourself with us for QROPS transfer.
  2. Obtain Statement of Account, Transfer Payout Form & Life Time Allowance form from the Fund House ( we will help you to get the forms )
  3. Submission of Fund House Docs, KYC, HMRC Forms post choice of QROPS Scheme
  4. QROPS Transfer application from Indian Pension Fund House to UK Fund House
  5. Transfer of funds from UK Fund House to Indian Pension Fund House
  6. Issuance of New Pension Policy

Note: The process/ KYC documents needed are subject to changes and on the discretion of the UK Fund house.

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